From Studs to Drops: Discover 40 Types of Earrings

Types of Earrings

Earrings are a kind of jewelry indispensable in any collection of similar objects and have been worn by both women and men for thousands of years. With so many designs and such diverse designs, it is no small wonder that the earring continues to be up there as a favorite piece of accessory matched only by cultures worldwide touch and go and mostly here to stay.

From evergreen classic studs to elaborate chandeliers, from ethnic jhumkas to modern ear cuffs- every kind of earring carries a charm and style which is completely set apart. This paper investigates the captivating world of earrings, detailing a variety of types, each providing its distinctive way to complement one’s features, express personal style and add appeal to any ensemble.

Whether you are a jewelry connoisseur or style neophyte, this definitive guide to types of earrings will be sure to broaden your perspective and inspire your next move in fashion.

1. Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings, a variety of varying jewelry staples, are usually construed by a small single component that fits directly to the earlobe. Mostly fashionable designs ranging from simple geometrical shapes to more elaborate designs like flowers, stars or even characters.

  • Shape: Generally stud earrings are small and narrow in shape and comes in various shapes and sizes. Mostly such a piece of small round stone, or gem sits directly on the earlobe with only the post being visible whereas others design’s may have several gemstones or pieces of metal attached along its post.
  • History: Stud earrings have a history traced back thousands of years ago and, therefore, are part of the adornment as man can recall. This has been found in many cultures and civilizations all over the globe. This form of jewelry is quite simple and elegant, thus remaining constant for tens of centuries during many shifts in various cultures of fashion.
  • Popularity: Studs are very popular as they can be carried off with just about any outfit, at just about any occasion, and are even advised for first-time wearers getting their ears pierced because of how comfortable they truly are at the end of the day.

2. Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular designed, while it can be metallic. The sizes range from small loops encircling the earlobe to larger, statement designs, which reach the shoulder.

  • Shape: Hoop earrings always appear to be round in shape, or even semi-circular just as their name suggests. They can be either slender and dainty or quite hefty and corpulent depending on the make it.
  • History: The origin of Hoop earrings sprung from several ancient cultures like Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans and remained emblematic with those ancient civilizations for thousands of years and were mostly made out of gold or bronze and even ornamented with precious stones.
  • Popularity: Hoop earrings are not only of a current trend but have withstood the fickleness and now rank as classic jewelry across all. Having gained their popularity across fashionable eras they can be sported with casuals to formals.
  • 3. Dangle Earrings

    Dangle Earrings

    Dangle earrings commonly referred to as danglers are created to dangle from the bottoms of earlobes and emphatically make any dress code. They usually slightly move or swing around when worn, hence adding a glamour or fun element to the general dress code.

    • Shape: Dangle earrings are often hook threaded through the ear lobe, and to which from here this there may be a chain, bead or charm that dangles down. The length in the dangle varies according to the style of earring, extends from around the base of the ear lobe, down to shoulder-length.
    • History: Dangle earrings have a vast history that ranges from being found in dangles such as Egypt to Rome. As time went by, the models of dangle earrings have improved from the basic to what is available today in terms of complexity.
    • Popularity: Dangle earrings are popular among a lot of women because they have the power of making a statement. They are more thought of for a special events, or those occasions which call for an adornment that is outgoing and eye-catching, yet shorter and simpler designs can be ideal for wear every day.

    4. Dangling Earrings

    Drop Earrings

    Drop earrings, like dangle earrings, drop beneath the earlobe, but usually they are not as mobile. They usually attach to a small hook and since it is only one piece of jewelry dropping down, it creates a straight line from where the earring is connected.

    • Shape: Drop earrings are depicted as those having a gemstone or ornament which is attached by a chain, hoop, or the like and hangs below the actual post. Usually they hang in straight vertical line and have lesser degree of mobility so that they do not swing much around their axis like some others.
    • History: Drop earrings have a long history, reminding of most other types of earrings, which date back to the time immemorial when they were worn as status icons in many varied cultures.
    • Popularity: Drop earrings are as popular today like before and this is mainly because of the fact that they are elegant and versatile. There is always the simple version that would serve even singly with casual wear as well as the elaborate types for the formal event. Many brides have been reported to go for the large drop earrings on that special day.

    5. Chandelier Earrings

    Chandelier Earrings

    Chandelier earrings are one variant of dangling earrings with a dramatic flair. Multi-leveled, it usually comes with intricate designs fanning out or cascading down in form akin of a chandelier.

    • Shape: Such earrings usually have a decorative top that joins to an ear and consists of several decoratively arranged plumes which are tapering in the shape of a chandelier.
    • History: Chandelier earrings have been found to be the popular choice amongst diverse cultures and times, especially during the Victorian times when ornate richer designs were reigning chic.
    • Popularity: Chandelier earrings are usually preferred as a style statement. The most common usage come in during special events, parties, and formal get together where the dress up and accessories are more drastic and eye catchy.

    6. Barbell Earrings

    Barbell earrings, a staple in the accessorization of body piercings, earned its name in being likened to the barbells used by weightlifters. However, they are also normally utilized in other forms of ear piercings other than the lobe such as tragus piercing, helix piercing, and industrial piercing among others.

    • Shape: Barbell earrings take a shape of straight or slightly curved bar, which is held in the piercing by 2 small beads or balls at both ends. One end or both ends could be unscrewed to let the barbell through the hole.
    • History: The barbell earrings were first introduced during the late twentieth century years in the movement of contemporary body piercing.
    • Popularity: Ear cuffs are adored by body modification enthusiasts. They provide a fresh look and are presented in various sizes, lengths, as well as a variety of designs to fit everyone’s individual style.

    7. Ear Cuffs

    Ear cuffs are designed to fit the outer cartilage part of an ear, therefore giving an edge and fashionable look without needing the owner of the ear to make a piercing.

    • Shape: In general, ear cuff comes in two flexible shapes that include either semi-circle or full circle and is to be worn at the side of the ear. The same can vary into simple ones to come designed with different kind of designs that include gemstones, chains, studs among others.
    • History: Ear cuffs have adorned the lobes of many people, across various cultures, since ancient times. Today, they’re making a comeback as fashionable, contemporary items that are at the cutting edge of elegance and style.
    • Popularity: These appeal to people who love the aesthetic of multiple ear piercings but hesitate on getting them actually pierced. They are quite in vogue and also makes for a flashy fashion statement without much to do.

    8. Threader Earrings

    Threader Earrings

    Threader earrings offer a trendy, modern look with a chain that threads through the ear, leaving dangling ends on either side of the lobe.

    • Shape: Earring is attached to the ear with a thin chain connected to a metallic post. Sometimes there will be a charm on one end of the chain or a charm that is linked to the chain.
    • History: The threader earrings have been on the rise recently in the fashion jewelry scenario and, thus, they are unique in that way.
    • Popularity: Threader earrings are wanted by those who look forward to having a sleek, modern look that can be obtained through the high fashion. With the added versatility in being threaded through several of the multiple ear piercing styles, wearers are at liberty to choose different ways in which they want to wear them.

    9. Jacket Earrings

    Jacket Earrings

    Jacket earrings belong to the types of earrings consisting of two parts, one of which is a front stud and another – a component going from behind the earlobe (this second part is called “a jacket”).

    • Shape: Consists of a part for the stud passing through the piercing and another indistinct component fitting onto the earring post from behind the earlobe, encasing or ‘hugging’ the earlobe.
    • History: Jacket earrings are a development modern in the world of jewellery whose popularity has only risen over some few decades for their distinctives styling from other types.
    • Popularity: A lot of jacket earrings have gained popularity because of the unique design and how they add some dimension and interest to the earlobe. They can be easily customized and mixed with other earrings being added bes=a:des them without a problem, which is why many fashion devotees prefer these ones.

    10. Huggie Earrings

    Huggie Earrings

    Huggie earrings are a style of hoop earrings that “hugs” your earlobes. Typically small and thick hoops that sit very near the wearer’s earlobe creating a tidy, compact effect.

    • Shape: Huggie earrings are small, chubby hoops, clasped together with a hinge, and almost going around the earlobe. They may be plain or decorated with jewel sets or enamel.
    • History: Huggie earrings go back to the latter 20th century as an option more comfortable than bigger and heavier hoops.
    • Popularity: Huggie earrings occupy popularity because of their comfort and sleek appearance. These are ideal for everyday wear and quite popular among minimalistic jewelry lovers.

    11. Climber Earrings

    Climber Earrings
  • Climber earrings, commonly referred to as crawler earrings too, are intended to “climb” the curve of the earlobe and sometimes around the helix of the ear.
    • Shape: These styles of earrings are in long shape and shape the ear’s curve. Basically, there is a piece of wire at the back that holds the earring in place.
    • History: Climber earrings appeared in the 21st century intending to bring a new fashionable design extending beyond the normal lobe piercing.
    • Popularity: Climber earrings are popular with people who love modern, unique designs. They provide an alternative to wearing multiple pairs of earrings to create the illusion of multiple piercings.

    12. Jhumka Earrings

    Jhumka Earrings

    Jhumka earrings are the Indian traditional jewelry. The bell shaped earrings that each time they are so much intricate with a lot of patterns and inter workings.

    • Shape: The shape of jhumkas is bell or dome shaped, made out of any material and ending with one or several small dangling bells or other charms.
    • History: Jhumka earrings have been decorating Indian culture since centuries as women tend to wear them in various traditional functions and different special occasions.
    • Popularity: This particular earring has stayed one of India’s jewelry and is now getting acceptance across the world for its uniqueness and revered traditional background. The earring majorly adds coloration of aspect to an outfit.

    13. Leverback Earrings

    Leverback Earrings

    Leverback earrings are a type of drop earring securing as the lever snaps into place at the back of the earlobe.

    • Shape: The earring designs have a hook which goes through the ear, and a lever that shuts to hold the earring in place. For this type of earrings, the dangling part can be of varied designs.
    • History: The 19th-century adaptation of leverback earrings has been a favored choice due to their safe closure mechanism.
    • Popularity: Leverback earrings are popular style choices because they are secure and comfortable utensils. They can be loved, as they marry the secure fastening of stud earrings with the way drop earrings move and are visible.

    14. Teardrop Earrings

    Teardrop Earrings

    Teardrop earrings get their name from the shape resembling a falling tear. They dangle down from your ear and typically have a thin part at the top that flares out towards the bottom.

    • Shape: In general, the shape of these earrings has a sort of tapered-curved shape curving from the top to broaden towards the base similar to that of a droplet or teardrop.
    • History: The teardrop shape in adopting it to jewelry use is one of the most appealing and elegant forms for a couple hundred of years.
    • Popularity: It is favored for the delicate and appealing feminine appeal it carries with teardrop earrings. They are versatile and can be worn not only on formal events but during every other normal occasional setting.

    15. Beaded Earrings

    Beaded Earrings

    Beaded earrings come in just about any color, shape, size, and material imaginable, as beads are the focal point of the design for these fun earrings. This makes them among the most versatile and personality-rich earrings one can own.

    • Shape: Bead earrings are available in various shapes that vary from very simple ones to complex patterns where several beads cluster to form one earring.
    • History: Beading is an art form prevalent since ancient times, and almost all the ancient cultures could have thought of inventing beaded earrings.
    • Popularity: Versatility and freedom it grants in personal expression have kept them popular since their invention up-dated. One can pull off such level of being demure or dramatic, all depending on whims for the moment.

    16. Tassel Earrings

    Tassel Earrings

    Tassel earrings are essentially loose bunches or hanging threads or chains of which the earrings are composed, to create that “tassel” effect. They are playful, fun and give a high boho vibe to an outfit as well, adding amazing movement as well as texture.

    • Shape: A tassel earring will usually bear a stud or hook from which the tassels are tagged. The tassels may be made from thread, silk, chain, among others.
    • History: Tassels have been used in decoration for thousands of years, with tassel earrings coming into fashion lately.
    • Popularity: They are most popular for being bohemian in appeal and the statement that they create. These can be chosen to add that zing of color or an element of fun to what would otherwise look an ordinary outfit.

    17. Bali Earrings

    Bali Earrings

    Bali earrings or balinese earrings traditionally come from Bali, Indonesia. They are characterized with the intricate metalwork that often continues local motifs and designs.

    • Shape: Bali earrings can be the number of shapes like hoops or studs but they generally have intricate metal detailing often in silver with gemstone embellishments, or just the metal.
    • History: Bali earring design is an ancestral tradition steaming from history of silversmith on the island.
    • Popularity: The admiration towards Bali earrings is not just for its craftsmanship but also the elements of innovation embedded in the designs. They are an exotic and therefore remarkably pretty piece of beauties to be found with the lovers of exclusive artistic jewelry wear.

    18. Clip-on Earrings

    Clip-on Earrings

    Clip-on earrings were designed especially for women without pierced ears. The earring is attached to the earlobe by a clip or hinged screw-back that grips the earlobe and holds the accessory in place.

    • Shape: Clip-on earrings come in various shapes from small and discreet to large, bold styles.
    • History: In the history section, she puts a light on the clip-on earrings which gained fame in the 1920s and 1930s as a substitute for pierced earrings and are being enjoyed by women in their treasure of jewelry.
    • Popularity: Clip-on earrings preferred by the individuals whose ears are non-pierced to those who desire decorating them. Additionally, they also popular for being comfortable as one doesn’t feel insecure of the earring leaving the badge.

    19. Mismatch Earrings

    Mismatched Earrings

    Mismatched or asymmetrical earrings are two earrings that have some coordinating elements but do not match exactly .

    • Shape: Mismatched earrings can have extremely different shapes. They may be totally unrelated or slightly different forms from the same design.
    • History: Mismatched earrings became a popular trend in the twenty-first century giving an innovative and unconventional way in wearing traditional pairs of earrings.
    • Popularity: One of the main reasons why mismatched earrings are popular is because of their uniqueness and creativity in expression. They add a fun, playful angle while trying out different kind of styles by eradicating symmetry.

    20. Tunnel Earrings

    Tunnel earrings or flesh tunnels refer to pieces of body jewelry used in stretched or gauged earlobes.

    • Shape: The earrings are of cylindrical shape, and it is hollow in center so on wearing it gives a tunnel effect through the stretched earlobe.
    • History: Flesh tunnels can be seen to originate from many different ancient and indigenous cultures but find their modern resurgence in the culture of body modification.
    • Popularity: People with stretched piercings who adore boldness and differentiation that tunnel earrings give them are typical buyers for the application of stretchers.

    21. Magnetic Earrings

    Magnetic Earrings

    Magnetic earrings act as a replacement for the normal piercings and clip on earrings. They stick to the earlobes by use of magnets hence they do not require any piercing.

    • Shape: These are earrings which differ in shapes and sizes and basically, the earring is equipped with a magnetic backing to hold against the earlobe.
    • History: Magnetic earrings rose into eminence in the late 20th century as the ambrosial and non invasive style to traditional earrings.
    • Popularity: They top the popularity list amongst people who love to sport the look of earrings without actually getting a piercing done on ears.

    22. Thread Tassel Earrings

  • Thread tassel earrings: are another type of Tassel Earrings where the tassel effect is created with thread material. They are made light in texture and can come in various colors.
  • Shape: Most of these earrings have a tassel of colorful threads hanging from a hook or post.
  • History: Tassel earrings have historical carryouts through thread tassels specifically are a serious trend into the 21st century.
  • Popularity: Thread tassel earrings have turned on people for their boho appeal, versatility, and the statement that they make. They are often picked to add fun and colorful vibe to your look.

23. Plugs

Plugs can be taken as same as tunnels and these are worn in the stretched earlobe piercings, however, these are not hollow like tunnels.

    Shape: Plugs are usually cylindrical and of bulk shape, filling the whole elongate piercing.
  • History: Like tunnel earrings, plug earrings have traditional roots in various cultures and, admittedly, it is a characteristic representative of contemporary culture of body modification.
  • Popularity: Plugs are popular among the people who like a solid look on their stretched piercings in place of the hollowness that tunnels pop up with.

24. Ear Spikes

Ear spikes are an ear jewelry type of spikes. They can be wore by people who want to sport different sort of piercings from lobe to cartilage piercing.

  • Shape: The ear spikes are pointed in shape and come across as a spike. May come of different sizes and are common metallic.
  • History: Spikes in jewellery can be traced back to a number of ancient cultures but spike use has been popular since some decades among the punk and alterativeist fashion cultures.
  • Popularity: Ear spikes are popular as they are edgy and rebel by look. It is often used by people who like to make loud statements and are free to flaunt it.

25. Chola Earrings

  • These earrings are typically large, bold hoops often associated with the Chola culture, a subculture that began among Mexican Americans in Southern California.
  • Shape: These earrings are usually large hoops of gold or silver in a simple form without incorporating any type of decorations such as nameplates or charms.
  • Origination: Chola culture originated in the mid-20th century amongst Mexican-American communities and epitomized a particular fashion sense that regularly used jumbo oversized hoop earrings as one of its quintessential prideful symbols of identity.
  • Popularity: Though colloquially associated with Chola culture, the popularity of this style as a symbol of power and assertiveness is derived from icons and high fashion wearing hoop earrings at this time.
  • 26. Pearl Earrings

    Pearl Earrings

    Pearl earrings are composed of pearls as the pivotal part which bestow a timeless elegance to any attire.

    • Shape: The shape of these earrings varies from simple pearl studs to innovative designs combining the elegance of pearls with other elements.
    • History: Pearls have been used in jewelry throughout time, and wearing earrings has forever been a symbol of the elite aristocracy.
    • Popularity: Pearl earrings are gaining popularity pieces since they can bring out a classic and elegant look within the twinkle of an eye. They are available in most accessory stores or better still in online sites, and they go well with formal wear but also counterpart casuals.

    27. Kundan Earrings

    Kundan Earrings

    Kundan earrings refer to a kind of Indian jewelry where the Kundan technique of gem setting is used, which sets jewelry apart with its rich, radiant look.

    • Shape: Kundan earrings are often designed with elaborate creations, having a compilation of stones and metals. The shape may be very large with dangles, or small as tops or small hoops.
    • History: Kundan jewelry making can be traced to the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India and is one of the oldest form of jewelry prevalent in this land.
    • Popularity: Kundan earrings are quite popular made for being adorned on special occasions, festivals, and weddings in India. Its novel design and fabulous look are elevating its popularity at international standards as well.

    28. Front Back Earrings

    Front back earrings, also known as double sided earrings, include styling elements on the front and on the back of the earrings where the back part is visible behind of the earlobe.

    • Shape: Usually such earrings have a stud for the front and a larger decorative piece that attaches to the post at the back and juts out from behind the earlobe.
    • History: Front back earrings popularized early 21st-century with modern wear of traditional earrings own
    • Popularity: The earrings are well known with different design. They have gained popularity after getting an endorsement from a celebrity and now form part of the main fashion scenario.

    29. Stick Earrings

    Stick earrings are named due to their no-fuss linear shape. This type is minimalistic, and they give a modern clean look.

    • Shape: This style of earrings usually comes in form of straight, slim bars or sticks which, at times, can be horizontal or vertical as well.
    • History: Stick earrings are quite popular in 21st century due to increased desire for minimalist jewelry style.
    • Popularity: Stick earrings are popular due to the stylish design that ultimately brings about subtle elegance. Such earrings are a perfect choice for everyone who would like not to brush aside world trends of minimalism in terms of style.

    30. Barbell Earrings

    Barbell earrings get their name from it, for the fact that these earrings and weightlifting barbells kind of mimic one another. They are often utilized in different types of ear cartilage piercings.

    • Shape: Usually, earrings have a bar either curved or straight shape which has a small bead or decoration at either end of the same. Mostly, one end can be unscrewed to put in and out the earring.
    • History: The style origin out of barbell culture in the late 20th century, with the rise of body piercing culture and has ever since remained a signature of body jewelry.
    • Popularity: Barbell earrings are popular as a result of being designed with a smooth design, health-friendly, and even used for varied forms of adornments. They are the most piece of jewelry items within the body modification industry.

    31. Glass Earrings

    Glass Earrings

    Glass earrings make use of glass in one way or the other. This could be blown glass, fusing glass, Murano glass among others. Many colors and patterns that one can get from this kind of a variety of glass.

    • Shape: The shape of earrings can be in accordance with the technique in making the glass. It may range from simple bead earrings to as complex as filmmaker-shaped objects.
    • Historical: People are using glass for the jewelry since thousands of years, but with modern technology, more complex and colored designs have been added to make a glass earrings.
    • Popularity: There is a lot of color in glass-made earrings, which gives an extra touch while wearing. People tend to opt for these earrings when they want to bring an artistic uniqueness to the whole wear.

    32. Labret Studs

    Labret Earrings

    Labret studs are generally fitted through a wide variety of lip and ear piercings. In essence, labret studs include a post that is connected by a flat back with the front of the stud being the part that is ornamental and can be voluntarily disengaged or wound on and off.

    • Shape: Labret studs have one of the ends like a flat disc, and the other one in the form of some decoration, e.g., of a ball or gemstone.
    • History: The piercing is an ancient style known as labret although with the recent years it has become adapted to modern styles and body piercings.
    • Popular: Labret studs are popular since they offer the convenience of comfort with many different styles. They are traditional for piercings of the lip and can be worn in a variety of types of piercings of the ear.

    33. Organic Earrings

    An organic earring is the natural representative of an earring which is made out of the organic materials like wood, bone, horn, shell and many more.

    • Shape: From simple hoops and studs to more ornate designs, these earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Materiality also plays a strong part here as the very fact of being a natural material has an effect on the shape of its overall design and form.
    • History: Earrings made from organic materials date back to prehistoric times, but in recent years they began to gain popularity again due to the fact that they are sustainable and eco-friendly.
    • Popularity: Organic earrings are getting really popular among the fans of accessories made from natural wearings and sustainable fashion. Organic material in the production of accessories is characterized by original forms and an earthy look, as each sample is made unique due to the natural variation of materials.

    34. Ear cuffs

    Ear cuffs are the sort of earring that attaches to the cartilage of the ear, usually on the helix (which is the outer rim of the ear).

    • Shape: Ear cuffs come in various shapes ranging from the most simplistic bands to much more complicated and decorative designs. And they typically feature a small opening that slips over the ear.
    • History: Although ear cuffs have been used in some cultures and times in history, the 20th and 21st centuries mark a remarkable development and popularity of this trend as an outright substitute to traditional piercing of bouncing ears by way of making perforations on the human flesh.
    • Popularity: Ear cuffs are popular because they give a very cool vibe and the look of more than one piercing without actually having it. It’s a versatile way to try different styles in a non-permanent method.

    35. Cuff & Chain Earrings

    Cuff & Chain Earrings

    Cuff and Chain earrings have a chain that links the cuffs on the upper ear mode to the earring at the lobe.

    • Shape: Design usually involves stud or small hoop earring attached by delicate chain to cuff which clips onto cartilage of the ear.
    • History: This style was first originated from the late 20th and early 21st centuries having a visual approach over the traditional models of earrings.
    • Popularity: The Cuff & Chain earrings are popular mainly because they give an unfriendly, bohemian look. One can have a face that looks as though it is graced with several piercings despite just having a single earlobe one.

    36. LED Earrings

    LED earrings are the modern, wonderful set of earring that introduce LED lights in the make up of earrings for some special event or occasion mostly.

    • Shape: There are a number of shapes in which LED earrings come and LED lights usually add some glowing effect to them.
    • History: LED earrings were introduced in the 21st century after improvement was done on the technology so as to miniaturize it into jewelry. Popularity: LED earrings are popularly worn for parties, concerts and special events where they give a playful touch to one’s general appearance. 37. Ear Jackets
    • Ear jackets consist of a hanging decorative piece behind the earlobe, as an extra part to the basic front-facing design of the traditional earrings.
    • Form: The front piece of these earrings enters the lobe in the front part and the back piece is attached to the earring post at the back of the lobe, extending downward or around the edge of the earlobe.
    • History: Ear jackets made a revolution with a new look conquering the early 21st century and turned the most popular form of earrings.
    • Popularity: The multi-dimensional and layered stylish look made the ear jacket exceptionally famous among the fashionable people.

    38. Enamel Earrings

    Enamel Earrings

    Earrings in general are often made from enamel where it is adhered to the surface of a metal using melted glass for the adhesive.

    • Shape: Any shape can be provided to these earrings, the enamel provides an opportunity to the designers to bring forth a pattern of color and luster which is so unique in its own.
    • History: The technique of enameling can be illustrated in the jewelry of a number of ancient cultures and has been popular throughout history. Its comebacks were notable in the popularity during the 20th century and the 21st.
      • Popularity: Enamel earrings are popular for the beautiful colors it is available in and for its interesting, glass-like effect that enamel lends to pieces. They help add a burst of color to your ensemble or some fashionable edge.

      44. Ear Threads

    • Ear threads or threader earrings are long and thin with a piece of chain threading through the piercing and adjustable, to hang at different lengths.
    • Shape: Such earrings usually include a delicate chain passed through the ear on one end with a post, and having some kind of decoration like bead or charm applied at the other free-swinging end.
    • History: The ear threads became popular during the second half of the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st as a lighter, more minimalistic variant of the regular earring.
    • Popularity: The main reasons why the ear thread is so popular can easily be subsumed into two categories – its sleek, inner beauty and how easy it is to vary in length as per the whim and style of the wearer.

    40. Studs Jacket

    Studs jacket is a versatile earring style that involves a front stud along with the authorizing back embellishment in order to add up with special aesthetic element framing or hanging down from the ear lobe.

    • Shape: Most often these earrings would comprise a basic front stud and a separate jacket piece which could be in the form of anything from loops to clusters of gems or intricate metalwork that fit onto the earring post at the back, that wraps around or beneath the lobe.
    • History: The concept of the jacket studs has been persistent since 20th century, thus adding a new dimension to the conventional stud earrings that are amenable for customization as well as interchangeability.
    • Popularity: Jacket studs are in popularity because of its versatility and uniqueness in designing. Simply replacing the jacket, the look or design of the earring can be changed making it versatile enough from basic to ornate appearance. The simplicity to complexity, yes something for all in its design.


    The world of earrings is as varied and unique as the people that wear them.

    From the basic style of studs to the exotic style of hoops, tribal and kundan style of earrings, there is a style meant to express every personality and occasion.

    Earring styles have developed, and the help of cultural influences and trends in fashion and technology has provided an enthralling playground for both jewelry artists and patrons.

    Whether it’s the timeless look of pearl earrings, the bold statement that ear cuffs make, or the playful innovation of LED earrings, the men and women wearing them know there’s more to these accessories than what is on the surface. And while creativity continues to expand beyond the idea, the future most probably holds many more interesting and mind-capturing earring designs that will only be out there to captivate, inspire, and help express personal style.