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Infinity Symbol
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Most people recognize the infinity symbol, a figure eight lying on its side, and it carries that definition of infinite or limitless amounts. This powerful icon affirms so many applications exploring the potential loop of interminability describing things as complex from mathematical concepts to spiritual themes. This paper is going to identify meaning of infinity symbol, its roots and history, its use and purpose in modern jewelry. We are also going to look into the different kinds of infinity symbols.

Infinity Symbol: The Meaning

It can be referred to as an infinity symbol, or formally known as the lemniscate being a mathematical sign that is expressed by an eight-figure shifted horizontally ( ∞ ). It comes from a subcategory of mathematics referred to as calculus, having been developed by a mathematician John Wallis in the 17th century.

The term “lemniscate” is derived from a Latin word ‘lemniscatus’ meaning ‘decorated with ribbons’. It was ascribed to plane curves and came into use first in the 17th century. Presumably, Wallis adopted the lemniscate as a symbol for infinity because it consists of ribbon-like curves.

But the infinity sign is not bound within the tight confines of mathematics. Over time, it has percolated through a diverse assemblage of fields and disciplines, acquiring myriad meanings along the way.

In Philosophy and Spirituality

In philosophy and spirituality, the infinity symbol often represents an idea of something eternal and endless as if it was an infinite universe or infinite soul.

Thus, it has been integrated into many religious and spiritual practices as a symbol of continuum, balance, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Modern Interpretations

Modern interpretations have linked the infinity symbol to notions of eternal or everlasting love and friendship. In this sense, it is symbolic of an unswerving bond across time, a love that will never change, and a connection that can never end.

Then it may also be a symbol of opposition balance: male and female, day and night, good and evil. By visually reminding us that one can’t exist without another, the symbolism passes a deep message about dual nature of existence.

Physics Terminologies

In physics, the infinity symbol represents a limitless space or a quantity that surpasses any assignable quantity or count.

It refers to an infinite loop or a phenomenon without edges.

In many areas of human life, the infinity symbol has been created as an archetype that transcends the human culture because of the vast meaning attributed to it. Whether it is mathematics or spirituality, physics or philosophy – this universal symbol of limitlessness and eternity just reigns over human understanding and imagination.

Origins of Infinity

The word “infinity” is a Latin infinitas, which in itself means “unboundedness.” However, the symbol used by us to denote infinity dates to the 17th century and first appears in a publication by John Wallis in the year 1655. Actually, Wallis employed it to represent “infinity,” but was actually taking its form from his own knowledge of the Roman numeral system, whereby “1000” was represented as either ‘CIƆ’ or ‘⧼’. This symbol was also used in ancient times to represent perfection, dualism, and unity between male and female.

Did you know? The infinity symbol is also known as lemniscate and was brought into being in the mathematics world by the mathematician John Wallis in 17th century. The word “lemniscate” comes from Latin word ‘lemniscatus,’ which translates to ‘decorated with ribbons.’

Infinity Symbol and Love

Within contemporary symbology, the infinity symbol – especially that of the endless loop – is considered to be able to represent love itself and even a love between two people that cannot die.

The endless loops themselves outline a love that can be without end and without limit, outside of time and without death.
This has made the symbol widely used in romantic contexts to communicate a love expected to last forever.

Infinity in Jewelry

Infinity symbol in jewelry and the connotations to be limitless are very much the same as infinity elsewhere, but the symbolism tends to be specified by context:

Infinity Ring
  • Infinity Necklace: Worn as a necklace, the infinite sign can represent an ever-lasting love or friendship. It in itself is one very common gift between couples, family members, and amongst really close friends—almost like a symbol of an unbreakable bond.
  • Infinity Bracelet: It has more so been associated with a symbol of every possibility and eternal empowerment like. More so than not it is like a window putting one through the infinite possibilities and concepts of life reminding them that possibilities are limitless if they dare have the courage to explore them.
  • Infinity Ring: The infinity symbol taking the form of a ring gives even deeper romantic connotation. In the way that a wedding band is meant to represent a commitment that will last forever.

Different Kinds of Infinity Symbols

Other elements are possible to add up to the infinity symbol, thus attaching meaning and personalization:

Double Infinity
  • Double Infinity: The Double Infinity symbol is made of two lemniscates crossed. In popular culture, it is featured in the television show “Revenge” and used to describe the concept of infinity squared or amplified to signify an eternal continuum in both space and time. This is often conceptualized in the spiritual as representing the perfect balance of the twin nature of divinity: the physical and the spiritual world.
  • Double Heart Infinity: An evolution of the Heart Infinity, the symbol contains two hearts interlocking each other in an infinity symbol.

    This symbol does not have an actual historic origin but the meaning of it can be interpreted as representation of shared and eternal love. It symbols mutual and eternal love between a given two people, usually lovers but sometimes it also conveys family love or deep friendship.
  • Infinity Cross: The merging of infinity symbol with a cross brings the secular and the spiritual together. It is often used to depict eternal spiritual love, infinite faith and the limitless nature of God’s love.

    This symbol has gained immense popularity in religious circles especially with the Christian faith where it is now a very common feature in all manner of religious art as well as on jewelry.
  • Heart Infinity
  • Heart Infinity: A combination of the usual traditional infinity sign and heart. Universally accepted as a symbol of infinite love, unending affection, and never-ending emotional bond.
    Lately the symbol has gained a surge of popularity and is often used in temporary tattoos, jewelry, and other pieces of art to demonstrate the wearer’s belief in infinite love.
  • Infinity Symbol in Celtic: The Celtic Knot as this design will also come to be recognized was dating back in the period of Roman Empire and to be eventually embraced by the culture of Celts. The endless knotwork has no beginning or ending and symbolizes both the timeless nature of our spirit energy and infinite cycles of birth and rebirth in both physical and ethereal realms. Today, it is often seen in tattoo designs and Celtic art with the meaning of eternal love and life associated with it.
  • Infinity Knot
  • Infinity Knot: This design is also known as the Infinity Knot or the Endless Knot and belongs predominantly to Tibetan Buddhism. This fanciful design symbolizes the interweaving of the Spiritual path, the flowing of Time and Movement within That Which is Eternal. It’s an intricate design embracing the cyclical nature of life and its continuum process of mind, wisdom and compassion.

All of these symbols subtly hint at infinity as a theme but bear distinct connotations and contexts to conceive something new. Their use in diverse cultures and ideologies across the world prove that though the symbol of infinity bears universal meaning, it can be individualized based on an individual’s needs and desires.

Unbounded Spirituality: Infinity in Islam, Christianity, and Beyond

Infinity itself and eternal existence are main lectic reckoned among some of the most fundamental in religions and spiritual practices. The transcendent concept was often embodied in lemniscate reminding of divine completion and boundless love and of the soul immortality too.

Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism Judaism


In Christianity, the sign of infinity is used to make Christ known to be an infinite God endowed with unconditional love. The cross of Infinity Cross, as earlier on points out, bears both infinity and cross symbols which comprises the very core of this religion. This composite symbolizes the intersection of divine eternity and earthly existence, and God’s endless love and grace given to human beings.

Christians also consider the infinite symbol as depicting the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit — an eternal triune without a beginning or ending.


Although the symbol of mathematical infinity is not used explicitly in Islamic art or scripture, given the aniconic tradition of the religion, the concept infinity does still exist in Islam, most strongly in the sense of God’s infinite power and knowledge. Islamic geometry and geometric patterns in Arabic calligraphy are usually associated with the infinity of life that God proposes as they can be tessellated infinitely to represent the infiniteness of Allah.

Similarly, the afterlife or eternal existence is yet another form of representing infinity as a trait amongst many others found in the verses of the Quran.


Hinduism cosmology, philosophy, and symbolism express infinity. The Ouroboros is a snake eating its own tail, by the way, and the Hindu iconography representing endless knot (Shrivatsa) resembles the sign for infinity as depicting eternally occurring cyclicality.

According to tradition, the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, known as Tandava, represented the infinite creation and dissolution process of the cosmos.


Among the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, the Endless Knot comes as one of the most iconic. It mainly symbolizes a connectedness existing between things of a spiritual nature to those temporal or worldly and also signifies the cyclical nature of the universe, in relation to infinity.

Apparently, the Mahayana Buddhism also supposed idea of infinite Buddha nature or Buddha realms (Skt. Buddha-kshetra), which are worlds purified by merit of Buddha, focusing on limitless possibility to get enlightenment.


There is no actual representation of the idea of infinity connected to God in Judaic symbolism per se, although this is a fundamental belief of Judaism. Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, presents the idea of Ein Sof, which translates into English as without end, and describes God as infinite, limitless, unlimited, and everlasting.

Science, religion, and philosophy all thread the infinity symbol through a rich universe of interpretations across their overlapping realms. This ancient emblem reaches beyond cultures and disciplines alike, mirrors in some few of the most profound truths humanity seeks—the Universe without bounds, life and death in an infinical cycle eternal, potential infinite, and the Divine eternal.

Did you know? Concepts of infinity and eternal existence will always be a necessary part of every religious and spiritual practice. This transcendental abstract-like lemniscate is symbolically pictured most in relation to divine perfection, infinite love, and the immortality of the soul.


What does ♾ mean from a girl?

When a girl uses the infinity symbol, it is often interpreted as if communicating on a bond seen to be forever. It’s mostly eternal love or friendship that its associated with.

What does infinity mean in love?

The infinity symbol when referring to love is often used to signify love forever and infinity. It can also mean that the two people are together forever, or simply that a particular love comes with no end.

Can I wear infinity symbol?

Yes, you can actually wear the infinity sign. It is a popular design when it comes to jewelries, especially in bracelets and necklaces. This could mean that by wearing this you believe that there will be infinite possibilities, an infinite potential, or maybe something is infinite such as love.

Does infinity symbol mean friendship?

Yes the infinity symbol can represent friendship. When its usage is in this kind of context, it represents one feature that a given form of friendship will have which is that they will be lasting forever with no ending and boundless.

What is the Hebrew symbol for infinity?

While there is no distinct Hebrew symbol for infinity, the word used as a substitute of it in Hebrew is ‘Ein Sof’ which means ‘no end.’ The Kabbalah term applied in the school of thought dealing with Jewish mysticism describes God as eternal and infinite.
Nevertheless, one must note that ‘Ein Sof’ is a concept rather than be a visual symbol.

What culture uses the infinity symbol?

The lemniscate, or more specifically the infinity symbol, is a universal sign used in many cultures. The oldest known use of it was by the ancient Romans in their numeric system and formally introduced into mathematics by John Wallis in the 17th century.
The symbol permeates in various fields and disciplines across the world – from academic, mathematics, and physics among others, down to spiritual and philosophical concepts. It’s also a common symbol in popular culture, jewelry, and art.

Is the infinity bad or good?

Normally the infinity symbol is viewed as a positive sign representing things like endlessness, eternity, and the infinite.
It used to symbolize limitless potential, ceaseless love, the eternal connectedness of all things, and much more.
Like any symbol, though, its interpretation may be subject to cultural, personal, or contextual factors. In general, it is considered a symbol of continuity and infinite opportunities that are generally positive ideas thought to be inspiring.

Is infinity a religious symbol?

Although the infinity symbol per se is not regarded as a religious symbol, its idea of endlessness is found within many religious contexts.
In its various religious and spiritual traditions, it is often used to signify the timeless nature of God or the immortality of the soul.