July Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby July Birthstone

Introduction to Ruby

Ruby is one of the most precious gemstones present in the world, and its red attractive color has often entrapped many. Those people who were born on July can identify themselves with this magical red stone as it symbolizes passion, courage, and protection.

Birthstone Month July
Birthstone Ruby
Symbolism Love, Passion, Courage, Emotion
Origins Historically mined in Myanmar, but found in countries as diverse as Thailand, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan, and Brazil.
Mythologies and Beliefs It has been associated with love, health and wisdom. Many believe that it to the wearer it brings luck.
Physical Characteristics Ruby is scored at 9 Mohs scale hardness, therefore suitable for all sorts of gemstone jewellery. The colour of this gemstone varies between pink to blood-red.
Use in Jewelry The rubies are therefore used for all kind of jewelry pieces ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets and even earrings due to their vibrant color and the hardness that enhances long lasting shine.
Care and Maintenance Like any other gemstone, one should clean rubies in mild soapy water using a soft brush. Avoid sudden changes in temperature as it may lead to the crashing of the stone.
Psychological and Emotional Significance Ruby is said to stimulate the heart chakra, encouraging passion for life but also balancing the heart and instilling confidence.
Choosing a Birthstone Ruby is the birthstone of July, gemstone of fire and passion. With eternal beauty, its hardness being tough, and a timeless history, this stone has always been the favorite choice for symbolic jewelry.

Origin and Story of the Ruby

The ruby comes from the same origin as the sapphire, being a corundum mineral. What changes is its coloration, having the ruby a very striking red color due to chromic impurities in its composition. Its name derives from the Latin word for red, ‘ruber’.

Over 2000 years, the history of rubies takes us back to their initial discovery in India centuries ago. Having been found all over the world in such various locations through the ages, today some of the most beautiful rubies come from Thailand, Madagascar, and Myanmar where they are a pigeon’s blood red color.

Many cultures believed rubies to be sacred since ancient times. Indians believed that rubies allowed living in peace with your worst enemies. Chinese put them under building foundations, ensuring its future wealth and good luck.

Mythology and Symbolism of Ruby

Significant mythological meaning of rubies has carried itself through a variety of cultures in ancient land, representing love, health, wisdom and wealth. Many ancient legends associated the gems with power and protection. Warriors implanted rubies under their skin to give them valor in battle while others thought of the gems as a way of keeping them from disaster and sickness preceding ill times.

In the modern world, rubies represent passion and life force. In particular, they are affiliated with deep love and often courage, because it is said that wearing these crystals brings exhilarating energy to the wearer.

Red Reby Birthstone

Ruby from Different Angles

Rubies are assessed with that litany of the four characteristics—color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Of those, perhaps most centrally determinant as to how much a ruby is worth is its color. The most desired color is generally said to be an intense, pure red with just a hint of blue—a shade referred to in the trade as ‘pigeon’s blood.’

Second in importance is clarity for Ruby. It is very rare to find a ruby without any inclusions, but they do not mar the value as much as with other gemstones unless they blight transparency or are centrally located at the crown of the table facet.

Physical Properties of the Ruby

Rubies are amongst the hardest of gemstones, rating 9 on the Mohs scale, where only diamond is harder. This extraordinary hardness makes ruby gems most resistant to scratching, and this quality makes them ideal for use in rings or other daily wear jewelry items.

Another interesting characteristic of ruby is its fluorescence, which may make the gem appear to have a fire-like glow to it upon shining an ultraviolet light. Some present an asterism effect that appears as silken shine in a cabochon (a dome cut).

Application In Jewelry Design

Rubies are highly versatile in jewelry design for their durability and vibrant color that fits daily wear or more glamorous occasions. From ornate vintage designs to sleek modern styles, rubies can take the spotlight in the center of a jewelry piece or play supporting roles alongside diamonds or other colored gemstones. And common applications include rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Although about one-third of a kind are oval, the most common form of cut for a ruby is cushion shape. However, since the ruby is hard and as such highly durable, any kind of cut can be found on the market: round, emerald, pear, marquise, and others are all available to choose from.

How to Take Care of Ruby Jewelry and Clean It

Although rubies are one of the hardest gemstones still needs proper care to glare at its best. Wearing ruby jewelries when doing a physically hard job should be avoided because of knocks and scratches.

Maintenance and home cleaning of ruby jewelry is relatively easy. Use warm water with mild soap, and then gently brush off dirt and oils using a soft-bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly and dry it off with a soft cloth. For more thorough cleaning, consult professional cleaning services.

Ruby July Birthstone

Ruby: A Birth Stone For The Month Of July

The radiant ruby stands to bless the person born in July as their birthstone. As a symbol of passion and courage, it is said that this gem brings good luck for whoever wears or bears it. It isn’t just a piece of elaborate jewelry but also a garnish of protection and strength.

The Psychological and Emotional Significance of Ruby

Rubies generally are associated with passion, life force, and vitality to a person. It is believed that they tend to promote clear head thinking and concentration removing negative thoughts and activities and stimulating the mind and pulling in lots of ideas. Ruby is also thought to restore an individual’s lost zest for life when feeling overwhelmed or out touch.

Conclusion: The Enduring Appeal of Ruby

There is no doubt that the intense red color of the ruby, its rich historical and symbolic connotations combine to make it one of the most enduringly popular gemstones. Wear it in the sleek modern design, or display it in a vintage inspired setting, the ruby is testament to an enduring style and passion held dear by anyone born with birthdays culminating in July. The attraction of this majestic gemstone together with its hardness and durability ensures that not only is ruby jewelry beautiful but it is equally very strong symbolizing the endurance of love and passion that remain eternally unbroken during one’s lifetime.