27 Different Types of Ear Piercings

Ear Piercings Chart Different Name of Piercings

Are you ready to set out for an ear-resistible journey into the ever-changing trends of piercings? So, get ready to turn heads, set trends and show off your own flare with fashionable ear piercings that will have you screaming, “Ear we go!” from a traditional lobe piercing to bold helix designs and everything in between.

So grab your ear jewelry and get ready for a journey through a fabulous world of fashion for ears. It’s time to let ears talk again, to make them a canvas for the exciting and original personal style. So, plunge into great ear piercing extravaganza where creativity has no boundaries and there is but one such limit, which is your imagination!

1. Lobe

Lobe Piercing A lob piercing is your classic old-school ear adornment tried and true. Remember back in the day when you would bravely face the piercing gun at the mall? That’s your lob piercing smack dab in the center of your squishy lower part of your ear. This piercing is like the gateway drug of body modifications, often the first step towards a canvas of body art.
  • Pain Threshold: Low. Think of this as the “baby pool” of ear piercings. It’s just a quick little pinch and little heat, and you’re rockin’ a new earring!
  • Prices: From as low as $20, most below the $30 to $50 range. A pair of great looking beginner earrings costing less than $40.
  • 2. Upper Lobe Piercing

    Upper Lobe Piercing Not content with a single lobe piercing? Welcome to the more adventurous cousin of the upper lobe piercing. Located above the standard lobe piercing and closer to the edge of your ear, it’s like that surprising extra scoop of ice cream that makes your dessert over-the-top good.
    • Pain Threshold: Still in the kiddie pool, folks. Fleshy like your average lobe piercing, with few nerve endings to ruffle your feathers.
    • Prices: Getting your upper lobe pierced won’t break the bank either. Be prepared to invest between $20 and $50, which usually covers basic bling as well. Naturally, your final price still depends on preferred studio and jewelry taste.

    3. Helix Piercing

    Helix Piercing Looking to take a walk on the wild side of ear piercings? Meet the helix piercing. The rebellious rocker loitering out on the outer upper cartilage of your ear. With this bad boy, you’ll be channelling your inner punk, turning heads everywhere you go.

    • Pain threshold: Ready for a slighter adrenaline rush. The helix has more nerve endings then the lobe, so expect it just to pinch slightly more.
    • Prices: Rockstar status does come with a bit of a price tag. These babies usually run from $30 – $60 including some edgy starter jewelry.

    4. Forward Helix Piercing

    Forward Helix Piercing

    Forward helix piercing – the top front of your ear’s cartilage right where the ear kisses the side of your head is being made a statement. Go solo or pair it up for a double or triple forward helix. It’s the piercing equivalent of a standing ovation.

    • Pain Threshold: Moderate to High. Just envision the feeling of riding on a roller coaster and enjoying yourself. It’s normally just slightly more painful than that of getting an ordinary helix piercing since the skin is markedly thicker.
    • Prices: Price point for this standout style is $40 to $70, sans your jewel of ear candy.

    5. Industrial Piercing

    Industrial Piercing

    Enter the industrial piercing: the large, in your face statement piece of the piercing world. This daring display involves two piercings connected by a single straight piece of jewelry, normally stretching from the helix to the forward helix.

    • Pain threshold: High. It’s the skydiving of piercings – a double cartilage piercing means twice as many thrills.
    • Prices: Big style, bigger price tag. An industrial piercing big time will cost you in the range of $50 to $100 that includes a basic-to-luxury barbell. But if you intend to decorate it with fancy jewelry, then be ready for a bigger pinch from your wallet.

    6. Orbital Piercing

    Orbital Piercing

    Double the fun with orbital piercing — a dynamic duo of piercings linked by a single piece of jewelry, orbiting your ear like a tiny solar system. On your lobe or on your helix, it’s sure to start a conversation.

    • Pain Threshold: Moderate to High. Much like riding on the roller coaster, the thrill factor may be directly associated with the location of the orbital piercing. Lobe location? Coasting on the kiddie one. Helix or cartilage? Buckle up for the big loop-the-loop.
    • Prices: Twinning costs anywhere between $40 to $80. But all these hardly matter when you are the coolest.

    7. Snug Piercing

    Snug Piercing

    Ready to make a statement? Look no further than snug piercing, or more technically correct, anti-helix piercing. Tucked midway down on the outer rim of your ear, this piercing is like that hidden jewel amidst all the confusion and mess of the piercing world.

    • Pain Threshold: High. It is similar to being in a suspense movie – the thick part of the ear’s cartilage brings about a fair bit of sting.
    • Prices: Unique style, unique price. In general, snug piercings range from $50 to $100, including the studio and selection of jewelry.

    8. Anti-Tragus Piercing

    Anti-Tragus Piercing
    • The anti-tragus piercing is the quiet yet cool character in your favorite novel, located just above your lobe on the outer ear. Its unique location makes it an unconventional choice among those who like to walk their own path.
    • Pain Threshold: Moderate to High. This one’s got a bit of a bite due to the thick cartilage.
    • Prices: The price for a ticket to the cool club of anti-tragus piercings is between $40 and $70 excluding your chosen earring. But hey, individuality has no price tags.

    9. Daith Piercing

    Daith Piercing

    If you’re all about that inside beauty, then hello to the daith piercing. This curveball is located in the innermost fold of your cartilage, right at the posterior of the ear canal. It’s said to help with migraines, but at the very least, it’ll score you some serious style points.

    • Pain threshold: High. Think of it as the Yoda class of piercings — it’s a deep breath in and a moment of zen.
    • Prices: The price of this piercing, which is well hidden, ranges from $40 to $80 depending on the studio and shine of your chosen decorative piece.

    10. Rook Piercing

    Rook Piercing The rook piercing is more than a winning move in chess; it’s an uber-trendy piercing centered along the inside ridge of the ear cartilage, parallel to its outer rim. Let this piercing make your look and take your style game up another level.
    • Pain Threshold: High. Like a suspenseful plot twist in your favorite thriller, the rook piercing is surprising stings one after another into the thicker cartilage.
    • Prices: Checkmate! Getting a rook piercing would set you back an approximate of $50 to $80, shiny trinket price not included.

    11. Tragus Piercing

    Tragus Piercing

    Step right into the new style spotlight with a tragus piercing, located on that ultra-cool little area of cartilage right in front of the ear canal. Like any good small-area accessory, it’s big on style and stands to have you turning heads at every corner.

    • Pain Threshold: Moderate. This one is a bit like a spicy meal – there’s going to be some noticeable kick, but it won’t be too intense for most people.
    • Prices: The tragus piercing has the smallest size among those on this list, yet its prices range from $30 to $60 with the cost of the earring not even accounted for.

    12. Conch Piercing

    Conch Piercing

    The conch piercing gives an opportunity for underwater chic to meet fashion and dive into the depths of style. Like a seashell whispering fashion secrets, this piercing takes center stage on the large area of cartilage at the back of your ear. Get ready to make waves and show off your shell-ebrity status.

    • Pain Threshold: High tide alert! The thicker cartilage needs a bit more endurance during the conch piercing. Don’t worry as the pain would have disappeared soon after, and you could ride the fashion waves in a jiffy.
    • Prices: Reach out to your inner mermaid for the most accessible prices available. In general, a standard conch piercing should be around $50 to $100 including jewelry. Keep up with style while still keeping it on the line of affordability!

    13. Transverse Lobe Piercing

    Transverse Lobe Piercing

    Transverse lobe piercing for a rebellious take on the classic lobe piercing that definitely turns heads. It’s like strapping a serious powerlift to your earlobe and watching it flex its fashion muscles. Get ready to rock a trendy horizontal barbell that has everyone doing a double-take.

    • Pain Threshold: Get those earlobes ready for the gym because this piercing does pack a teeny bit of noticeable heat. It’s kind of like pushing through that last set of squats — a little difficult, sure, but the fashionable gains were so worth it.
    • Prices: Ready to amper the ear game? The transverse lobe piercing costs ranging from $40 to $80 including cool barbell. For that extra bling bling, be prepared to put in a tad bit more on jewels.

    14. Vertical Industrial Piercing

    Vertical Industrial Piercing

    Imagine the style adventure of a lifetime with an industrial piercing that goes vertical. This one will send your ear soaring, so it’s typically two (or more) separate piercings that are then connected vertically with a piece of jewelry. It’s essentially like creating a building on the scaffolding inside of your ear.

    • Pain Threshold: Hold your breath and enjoy the industrial rollercoaster with vertical piercing that gets it all done. It’s like riding on a roller coaster of pierced – double cartilage, double excitement, and double courage.
    • Prices: Ready for the fashion thrill ride? The vertical industrial piercing typically costs $60 to $120, along with the starting barbell. But as in all great adventures of fashion daredevilry, the price is always worth it.

    15. Triple Helix Piercing

    Triple the trouble, triple the style! The triple helix piercing takes your ear game to a whole another level by adding not one, not two but three piercings along the upper cartilage. It’s like a symphony of jewellery creates harmonious tunes in harmony and pop-eye melody on your ear.

    • Pain Threshold: And now prepare to hear the pain symphony! The 3 helix piercing is on the pain chart for a reason, it’s like the crescendo of beautiful music. Just a touch more intense than one single helix piercing, but the musical result at the end will make every note worth it.
    • Prices: Want to make a triple workshop masterpiece? Prices for this piercing ensemble run $60-100 and include basic jewelry. So, ready to make tunes that no one can resist!

    16. Scaffold Piercing

    Scaffold Piercing Tap into your inner architect with the scaffold piercing, also known as the industrial piercing. Its perforation construction connects two spots in your upper ear cartilage with an extended and fashionable barbell. It’s like constructing a wearable heir to the shrine that’ll make any viewer ecstatic about your ear’s architectural design.

    • Pain Threshold: Brace yourself for an artistic journey! This scaffold piercing takes in some amount of guts as it passes through two distinct points of cartilage. It is somewhat like chiseling the ear’s fate as a slight bit of pinch and a little bit of vision of art will subsist.
    • Price: Set to build an architectural wonder on your ear? The scaffold piercing comes priced in the range of $50 and $100 along with a stylish barbell. So, set your ear as a style statement!

    17. Auricle Piercing

    Auricle Piercing Step aside, auricle piercing, a superstar in the middle section of your outer ear. It’s like the red-carpet treatment for your ear, flattering placement and cool jewelry glam enough to catch notice. Shine bright!

    • Pain Threshold: Embrace your ear’s diva moment! A little attention-grabbing coming from the auricle piercing due to its piercing through your cartilage part. It’s like a fashion-forward statement, with just a touch of discomfort that retreats into the background once it gets the spotlight.
    • Prices: Want your ear to be the VIP? An auricle piercing usually starts at $40 and ranges up to $80 including simple jewelry. So get ready to come in the limelight and have your auricle shine on the fashion runway!

    18. Vertical Tragus Piercing

    Vertical Tragus Piercing Take your tragus to another level with the vertical tragus piercing. This one takes on gravity with a straight shot up through the little triangle-shaped flap of cartilage right in front of your ear canal. It’s like treating your tragus to an elevator ride to fashion glory.

    • Pain Threshold: Hold on tight and enjoy the ride of a vertical tragus piercing. Feels like going to roller coaster of piercings, double cartilage, excitement, and courage.
    • Prices: Ready to take a fashion ride around the wild side? The prices for the vertical tragus piercing usually bounce around from $60 up to $120, complete with the first barbell. Just remember that when it comes to your ears, to be a daredevil in decorating is always going to pay off big time.

    19. Helix Orbital Piercing

    Helix Orbital Piercing

    Combine the edginess of a helix piercing with the uniqueness of an orbital piercing and you have a helix orbital piercing. The helix orbital piercing takes two different helix piercings, and link them using only a single piece of jewelry which gives the trendy appearance that is sure to catch every eye sight.

    • Pain Threshold: Moderate to High. The helix area is an area with many nerve endings, so your pain threshold should be moderate.
    • Prices: Another piercing that can uplift your ear game is a helix orbital piercing which generally starts from $50 to $100 including jewelry.

    20. Forward Helix Orbital Piercing

    Forward Helix Orbital Piercing

    For those a little more daring, the forward helix orbital piercing is for you. Utilizing two separate piercings on the forward helix connected by a single piece of jewelry, the forward helix orbital stands out as modern and edgy.

    • Pain threshold: Moderate to High. The forward helix area of the ear can be considered a sensitive part, so expect a moderate amount of pain.
    • Prices: Embrace your uniqueness with this forward helix orbital piercing that will usually cost between $60 and $100, jewelry included.

    21. The Triple Conch Piercing

    Triple Conch Piercing

    Take your conch piercing to the next level with a triple conch piercing this is three different conch piercings in the region of the ear creating an interesting, beautiful and unique arrangement.

    • Pain Threshold: Medium to High. The conch area can be sensitive, so expect medium level pain.
    • Prices: Stand out and make your own fashion statement in a crowd with triple conch piercing which comes at around $60 to $100 which includes the jewelry as well.

    22. Snug Orbital Piercing

    Triple Conch Piercing

    Add elegance to your ear with a snug orbital piercing. Two different piercings, one on snug area and the other one on pierced lobe, are decorated by means of a single jewelry piece in order to create the most amazing and highly sophisticated look.

    • Pain Threshold: Moderate to High. The snug area may be too sensitive so that there is no need to expect an exaggeration of pain.
    • Prices: Join the elegance cult with a comfortable orbital piercing costing between $60 to $100 on average, which would also include the jewelry as provided.

    23. Double Helix Piercing

    Double Helix Piercing

    You double up the style with this helix piercing. This type of piercing refers two separate piercings situated around the helix area of the ear, so it creates a symmetrical and eye-catching look.

    • Pain Threshold: Prepare for a 2-in-1 feeling! While the double helix piercing does pierce through the cartilage, obtaining this piercing might result in moderate discomfort. Nonetheless, the momentary pinch will have a lasting effect for all the right reasons.
    • Prices: Take your ear game to the next level with a double helix piercing, usually priced from $60 to $100, jewelry aside. Ready for a stylish couple!

    24. Conch Orbital Piercing

    Conch Orbital Piercing Combine the beauty of a conch piercing along with its uniqueness and add to it the orbital piercing and you have the conch orbital piercing. It is a single piece of jewelry that interconnects 2 separate conch piercings making both look so very beautifully painted together.

    • Pain Threshold: Get ready for a sensational line! The conch orbital piercing needs to pierce through the hard cartilage, due to which there will be some moderate pain. However, that gorgeous visual effect will just make up for all of it.
    • Prices: Enhance your ear style with a conch orbital piercing usually at $50-100, add jewelry. Ascend in style!

    25. Triple Helix Orbital Piercing

    Triple Helix Orbital Piercing

    Triple up your style with a triple helix orbital piercing consisting of three individual helix piercings linked by one piece of jewelry that showcases an interesting and unique pattern across the ear.

    • Pain Threshold: Brace yourself for the triple does of piercing excitement! Since this triple helix orbital piercing includes multiple piecing in a sensitive area, pain level can be moderate or high. However, the final melodic result is worth every note.
    • Cost: Want to craft a triple helix masterpiece? Prices for this piercing trio range between $60 and $100, with regular jewelry. So let’s start composing some ear-pleasing tunes!

    26. Anti-Tragus Orbital Piercing

    Intensify your ear game with the anti-tragus orbital piercing. The anti-tragus orbital piercing involves connecting an anti-tragus piercing with an orbital piercing to fashion a unique statement piece that is bound to make heads turn and adds a touch of bluff to your look.

    • Pain Threshold: Brace yourself for a bit of a bite considering the thick cartilage in the anti-tragus area. The pain level associated with the anti-tragus orbital piercing is in the moderate to high range but the end result is the coolness and the edginess that all solidamentes would die to have.
    • Prices: Ready to join the cool club of anti-tragus piercings? Prices usually run $50 to $80 not including your chosen earring. Embrace your individuality and rock this awesome retail!

    27. Triple Flat Piercing

    Make a statement with the tripleflat piercing – fashionable trio piercings, placed along the flat of your ear. It’s a modern and arresting choice which will give you a chance to show your unique sense of fashion and to accessorize your ear innovatively.

    • Pain Threshold: Get ready for some triple flavour! The triple flat piercing is done on the flat part of the ear and goes through thick cartilage. One can usually expect moderate pain or discomfort while getting this done. But the fabulous fashionable ears will be worth it.
    • Prices: Excited to flaunt your ears’ style with triple flat piercing? With basic jewelry, from $60-$100 is the range of prices. Now, let the canvass to be colored and painted triple!

    So, fashionistas and piercing lovers, alike let your ears be the ultimate style statement for you! From the sound of the first needle to the glittering of the actual jewelry, this whole ear-piercing journey is a sprint of excitement, energy and fabulousness.

    Your ear piercings should testify to your daring spirit, be a conversation starter at parties, and a way of dazzling the world with your personality like no other.

    So own your style, rock those earrings and let the world know when it comes to ear piercings you’re the reigning champ in fashion forward fun! Ear’s to endless possibilities and a lifetime of ear irresistible style!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of ear piercing is best?

    The best type of ear piercing will depend on personal style, pain endurance and desired level of maintenance that the person looks forward to having. However, lobe piercing is always considered as a classic choice considering it’s very easy to spice up based on your taste.

    What is the most painful part of your ear to get pierced?

    A lot of people describe the conch, daith, and rook piercings as being amongst the most painful ones due to the thick cartilage in those areas.

    What is the most common type of ear piercing?

    The earlobe piercing is the most standard form of a piercing of such kind as many people often make it the first piercing.

    What is the most unique ear piercing?

    Some unique ear piercings are the daith, forward helix, and snug among others. However, what may be counted as “unique” may vary from regions and followings in time.

    What piercing helps with anxiety?

    Some belief that daith piercing can be helpful in relieving anxiety and reduces migraines with scanty scientific evidence of this guiding the practice.

    Which ear piercing hurts the least?

    An earlobe piercing usually hurts less because the lobe is softer than the cartilage and has less nerve endings in that part.

    What is the rarest piercing ever?

    Rare piercings can differ from place to place, but generally the piercings like uvula (back of the throat) or horizontal lobe piercing are not quite common.

    What’s the hardest piercing to heal?

    Cartilage piercings, such as the rook, conch, and industrial, take time and are associated with challenging healing processes based on the fact that the cartilage is made of rigid tissues compared to other soft areas such as the lobes.

    What is the least noticeable piercing?

    Tragus, anti tragus, and some flat piercings could be somewhat discreet, especially with small or clear jewelry.